About Me

I am a stay at home mother with 3 boys from 12 to 16 that always keep me busy. Being a stay at home Mom with a big family, I am always looking for ways to save money for my family.

Which is why I am an avid couponer, and bargain shopper online and in stores. I scout the internet daily for deals that I can get for FREE/SUPER CHEAP, full price is not in my vocabulary!

My kids get a kick out of my couponing and they now know Mom doesn't buy it without a coupon! I have a wonderful Husband that works hard everyday to allow me to stay at home. Couponing is one of the ways I feel I contribute to my family.

I love animals and I have dogs, cats, and fish.   They are like my children as well, and I LOVE to find a good bargain on pet supplies.  I love to shop and I am always seeking out great deals.

I think of couponing as a game, lets see how much I can save this time! Nothing thrills me more than walking out of a store with $100.00 worth of merchandise that I only paid pennies on the $$.
If you have any questions about anything please feel free to email me at extremesavingmom@gmail.com 

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