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Daniel SWAROVSKI’s vision lives on in the SWAROVSKI Group— a global corporate family on the cutting edge of fashion worldwide. From Paris to the red carpet, SWAROVSKI defines elegance.
And as a Member of the Swarovski Group, Touchstone Crystal brings this tradition of beauty and excellence directly to you. Enjoy personal service as you celebrate your style with fabulous jewelry.

Touchstone QUALITY Guarantee...


We use only genuine, first-grade Swarovski Crystals and Pearls, referred to as SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS.

You’ll find Swarovski’s most innovative and cutting-edge stones, colors and techniques in our collections.

Swarovski Pearls contain a crystal core with an innovative coating to give them a flawless, silky-smooth surface and the natural weight, warmth and luster of a genuine pearl. The earth-friendly Swarovski crystal beads in our Calypso collection are also made this way.

Our jewels are made completely by hand. Each stone is hand set -- including every tiny pavé crystal -- and most surfaces are hand polished.

Little Black Dress™ Collection features Swarovski Zirconia set in solid sterling silver – that is plated with rhodium for extra tarnish protection -- for a truly premium selection.

Swarovski Zirconia is the finest simulated diamond in the world, adhering to global standards for grading the quality of cut diamonds; every stone is marked with a microscopic laser-engraved quality seal.

All other collections are made from a brass or white metal base that isplated in rhodium, palladium, gold, or antiqued silver or bronze.

Rhodium is a highly prized precious metal; palladium is part of the platinum family of metals and we plate with 18-karat gold or higher.

Touchstone Crystal jewelry contains no nickel, lead and cadmium.

Our Quality testing matches that done for Swarovski, and is supported by Swarovski teams around the world. Testing is conducted for corrosion, perspiration, ‘pulling’ and more; inspection is conducted after manufacturing and when items arrive at our facilities for packaging and shipping.

Fashion jewels are like a great pair of shoes. The more they’re used, the more apt they are to show some wear over time. That’s why we recommend rotating the jewels you wear so they last longer, and storing them individually in soft pouches or sealed plastic bags.

Take a look at all of Touchstones beautiful products here AUGUST SPECIAL customers get 30% off an item when they spend $100.00 or more!

Touchstone Hostess Program:
Touchstone loves to reward their hostesses by giving them FREE and deeply discounted jewelry. Hostesses earn a percentage of their total party sales in FREE jewelry plus pieces at 50% off! And for every family member or friend that books their own party you will get an additional piece for 70% off!

DOUBLE HOSTESS DOLLARS are yours for just $19.00 when you host a party of $600.00 or more! Think of all the free jewelry you can get. A $600.00 party normally gives you 25% of your sales in free jewelry, that's $150.00! Spend just $19.00 and that doubles to $300.00!!! To book your party contact Robyn on her Facebook page 

Touchstone Business Opportunity:
In a Touchstone career, set your income goals and we'll show you how to get there.

Need to cover credit card bills? 
Hold four to five parties a month for $900* in income.
Mortgage payments too? 
With a team of three Consultants, hold two parties a week for $2850*.
There's no inventory to keep, and no income limits either.
At last, no more performance reviews, meager raises and office politics.
Instead, earn income, plus  free jewelry, gifts, displays and even the opportunity for a car allowance as you grow as a Touchstone Crystal Consultant.
*based on average party sales

Our Business Launch Incentive 'N Gifts program aka. BLING. Rewards you with great business tools during your first 3 months of business.

Launch Party Bonus
Hold your launch party with $400+ in sales and receive a $200 product certificate
In August you will be awarded an extra $300 for qualifying Plus, if you decide to Host your own Launch Party, you'll also earn the Host Rewards!
Build a team and watch your income grow. For every new Consultant* you sponsor in your first three months of business (who achieves $1,000+ in sales during their first month), receive a $100 product certificate.

Touchstone is not a Ladder or pyramid plan.They are a nuclear plan; Meaning- When you have climbed up in rank with touchstone- you never lose the people you bring on. This is regardless of their growth- or if they are titles higher than you- Once you have recruited- always in you team line. We also promote and collect with just ONE recruit. 

All Consultants make 25% on every party or sale we have. But, can earn a bonus check , it's up to you to decide how big you want that check to be!  

 There are 4 simple way to earn your bonus check-

1. Sell more than $1800 in a month - extra 5% bonus
2. Sponsor one recruit- extra 3% Bonus on that consultants sales 
3. Sponsor 2 consultants- 4% Bonus on your Growing team sales 
4. Sponsor 3 consultants- 15% additional income on your sales (Making a commission of 40%) AND 9% on your total group sales

(Choice 4 TRIPLES your Personal bonus from 5% to 15% PLUS earn 9% of your team sales
To find out how your business can be featured email extremesavingmom@gmail.com

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