Monday, February 27, 2017

4 Garden Purchases to Make In March

Gardening Purchases to Make in March
Spring has sprung, and those of us with backyards are thinking about the fruit of labor only a garden can provide. While it is too early in many regions of the country to start working the soil, there are some very important purchases that should be made in the coming weeks. Here is a rundown of the basic garden staples you will want to snag from your favorite local or online retailer.

1. Seeds

Garden supply companies will be sending out their ads this month, and you will have the chance to peruse all the exciting seed options available for this year’s bounty. Be on the lookout for promotional savings offers that reward you for buying early or that give you discounts on multiple packs of seeds. Avoid buying full-grown plants at this point, though, as it’s still a bit chilly for that!

2. Starter Kits

Those plants that benefit from an early indoor start (squash, tomatoes, and melons, for example) will need a place to take root and grow from seed. Make sure you have the help of soil and small containers that provide the proper nutrients for the little guys, and be sure there is some way to cover them for the first few weeks to retain moisture. Not interested in the mess of potting soil? The Aerogrow is a dirt-free way to give your garden a superior start, and the growing units can match any d├ęcor!

3. Planning Guides

Some people get lucky with their gardens and are able to toss any combination of plants into the ground with brilliant results. Most, however, benefit from the help of a well-written gardening guide or a plan put together with the help of a professional. Depending on your space needs and climate, there is always a book just for you! Search sites like Amazon for ideas (I personally love the All New Square Foot Gardening Guide by Mel Bartholomew), and check reviews to make sure the book will work for your region. Not only will the help of a planning guide keep you under budget with your garden, it can help you maximize production, minimize effort, and keep pests at bay.

4. Basic Tools and Accessories

Don’t go overboard on this one! A comfortable yet sturdy pair of gardening gloves, a simple hoe, and a few hand tools (spade and weeding gear) will get you through most of your growing season. If you have an incredibly large plot of land to work with, you may want to consider a roto-tiller; renting is always more affordable that buying new. Be wary of all those neat gadgets you see on TV, your favorite hardware or home store probably carries the more practical – and reasonably- priced – tools for success.

It’s hard to believe that in just four to five months, you could be slicing up that first fresh tomato of the season! Do you have big plans for a brilliant garden? What do you look forward to planting this year?