Monday, August 1, 2016

Ways To Save On Cooling Your Home

We've all been shocked by our electric bill from time to time
Lately, I’ve heard many people
 complaining about how high their 
last electric bill was.
 We are mid-summer, and there
are plenty of hot days left! Staying
 comfortable throughout the Summer
 can really become costly if you aren’t 
careful. I wanted to share with you a
 few ways that can help lower the bill
of cooling your home!

Start by raising your thermostat by
 at least 2 degrees. Over the span of 
a month, those 2 degrees can really
 make a difference for the better on
 your bill. 

Utilize Ceiling And Portable Fans:

Most homes have ceiling fans, and portable fans are fairly
 inexpensive. Use them to keep air circulating through the room.
 This can easily help bring the temperature in a room down by a
 couple degrees.  If you have an attic fan, turn it on in the evening
 to pull some of the hot air out. This will help make your nights 
cooler while you sleep.

Keep Air Filters Clean/Changed Frequently:

This will ensure your air conditioner unit runs properly
 and more efficiently.
Turning down the thermostat by 2 degrees can really make a difference on your bill

Use Your Appliances Less:

    •    Dry your dishes on a rack instead of using the heat dry
setting on the dishwasher.

    •    Cook outside.  Spring and Summer can bring along
some lovely weather.  Take advantage of this by
grilling outside. When you cook outside, you  won’t
need to use the oven or stove which can heat up your
house.  It’s also the perfect time for salads and sandwiches!

    •    If possible, line dry some or all of your clothes. Even do this
once a week can help keep the house cooler for the day and
save energy from not using the dryer at the same time!

Take Care Of  Yourself To Feel Cooler:

Stay hydrated! Keep pitchers of ice water in the fridge,
 staying hydrated will help your body regulate your 
temperature better and the nice cold water can be just
 the refresher you need on a hot day!

These are just a few ways to stay cool during those hot 
months while staying on a budget! The best part about
 these tips are they are easy to incorporate and virtually
 free to begin making the changes!

How do you stay cool through the hot Summer months?