Thursday, June 23, 2016

3 Steps to Get the Grocery Coupons You Want!

Get the grocery coupons you want with the following 3 steps
 Have you ever had a difficult time finding a coupon for your favorite product after looking at the coupon circulars of the week? Chances are it’s an established product that will have very few coupons. But, there is hope! I have found a way to get around the difficulty of searching for those coupons that you so desperately want.

1. Contact a Retailer

    •    If you go to the manufacturer of the product you want and say “can I have a coupon for your product?” it’s very possible that you will get one.
    •    What I Did:
Recently, I went to Chiquita’s website in search of some coupons for produce because I could not find any in the mass circulars. I went to the “Contact Us” section and filled out the Contact Form. Under the “Subject” Section, it already had a subject designated for “Coupons”, which I of course selected. A week or two later, I got a letter in the mail from Chiquita! They had sent me two coupons for Fresh Express Salads, along with a message from a Response Specialist saying that they appreciated my interest in their brand.

2. Sign up for Newsletters

    •    Newsletters have proven to be a good way to gain great coupons on a regular basis. Also, creating an account is a way of “proving” to a retailer that you’re a dedicated customer who deserves to receive offers and coupons.
    •    What I Did: 
I went to Pillsbury’s website and signed up for newsletters by creating an account. Every week they give me access to new coupons that I can’t get anywhere else, for their products and great recipes. Sometimes I even find better coupons on their site than the coupons that they’ve put out in the mass distributed circulars. 

3. Scour a Retailer’s Website

    •    If you go to a particular retailer’s website, you may be pleasantly surprised to find a section specifically for coupons or promotions.
 What I Did:
 I went to Marie Callender’s Meals website and found that they had a “News and Offers” page that had a section dedicated to coupons. I then found two good coupons for two different types of meals.

It may take a little digging, but any or all of these methods will help you lower your grocery bill!!